Kendall Jenner in detox ... from Instagram

Kendall Jenner in detox ... from Instagram

The top model of the Kardashian family is like us. Obsessed by social networks, she decided to put away her smartphone and stick to it.

One of the most recent mysteries in the history of mankind is finally resolved. The hundreds of millions of fans of Kendall Jenner orphaned her accounts Instagram and Twitter finally know why the American model has suddenly disappeared from social networks since November 13. The wildest assumptions circulated after Kim Kardashian, his half-sister, also abandoned the almost timed narrative of his life. As a guest of Ellen de Generes' show on NBC, the girl explained: "It's a kind of detox, I needed to take a break, I spend all my time on it. 

Which I did in the morning and the last one I did when I went to bed at night, I felt as if I had become addicted. " There is therefore no connection with the aggression suffered by Kim Kardashian in Paris on October 3rd. We can, moreover, confirm to him his dependence and that of a part of mankind towards him.

Knowing that she recently celebrated her 21st birthday and was invited to promote a book, the star of reality TV may have just grown. On a closer look, his book "Time of the Twins", co-written with his sister Kylie, is a 320-page science fiction book, following a first volume, "Rebels: City of Indra". 

Unless it is a hidden allusion to Indra, Swedish singer of the 90s who has known glory in France notably thanks to its plastic, also perfect. Remember that one of her titles was entitled "Forget me" and that she had participated in the show "I am a celebrity, get out of there!" On TF1. A generation later, Kendall Jenner decides when she wants to diminish the intensity of her global celebrity. Proof that it was she who took power and not the media or fans.

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